Welcome to the Barnesville Area Education Foundation

Promoting Enhanced Learning Opportunities Since 1979

The Barnesville Area Educaton Foundation was formed in the belief that as a result of the political processes involved in raising funds for the public schools, the local economic climate and state-mandated expenditures, funds available to local schools will never be adequate to provide the many significant educational opportunities otherwise available. Members and supporters of the Foundation share a strong belief that those local students should not be limited to state minimum standards by lack of funds for education.

Most colleges and universities have created foundations and endowment funds to increase the educational opportunities of students attending those institutions. The Barnesville Area Education Foundation is founded on the same premise. Most of the supporters are university foundations first spend twelve years in the primary and secondary education systems. The time has come to get voluntary support where the action is the first twelve years.

If you have any information that needs updated on your class list, please send an email to baefoundation@gmail.com.