Hall of Fame

2017 Scott Nixon and John Warrick

2016 Marcia Harp and Jack Berryhill

2015 John "Jeep" Smith and David J.Hilliard

2014 Richard Thomas and J.Dewitt Lewis   

2013 Bruce Yarnall

2012 Richard "Lefty" Hall and J Timothy Phillips

2011  Lodge L. Hanlon

2010  Michael Reischman and L Joe Thomas

2009  Denver J. Kaiser

2008  Ralph W. Hunkler, Evelyn Sampson and Carolyn Hines Self

2007  Dent Rhodes

2005  Robert J. Matthews and Dr. Richard W. Skinner

2004  Paul G. Modie, Jr. MD and John W. Hardwick

2003  Jean Palmer Davies and Colonel Susan Timmons Busler

2002  Harry L. Barr and George L. Lucas, MD

2001  Horace R. Collins

2000  Larry Marmie and Dr. Richard Phillips

1999  Homer Cheffy and Betty Pokas

1998  William J. Davies and Hilles Ward

1997  W.H. Gibson Bradfield and Thomas D. Lynch

1996  Majorie C. Wilkins Dennin

1995  Thomas Moore Harp

1994  John Bradfiled and John D. Kirk

1993  Inez Walker Alexander and Wm S. Derry

1992  Terry Tickhill Terrell

1991  Vernon Burkhart and Elisha Gray

1990  Admiral Dean H. Hines, Martha F. Laney and Donald W. Shepherd

1989  Dr. David G. Gillespie and Harley E. Warrick

1987  Ralph E. King, Jr. and Dr. Irwin H. Krakoff

1986  Sidney Cecil Carnes, Wm C. Dew, DDS and David Moore

1985  Robert M. Corbin, Charles Dewey Hilles and W. Stanton Moore

1984  Eldon R. Groves, Frederick V. Hunt and Silas T. Warfield

Lodge L Hanlon was honored during the induction ceremonies of the Hall of Fame recipients on July 2, 1988 as Founder of the Barnesville Area Education Foundation.