Membership Application

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Barnesville Area Education Foundation

PO Box 1

Barnesville, OH  43713


(   )          I agree to become a voting member of the Barnesville Area Education Foundation

and will contribute one thousand dollars ($1,000).  Enclosed is $____________ and I will

pay the balance in annual installments of $100.

(   )        I cannot become a voting member at this time but I hereby contribute $____________ to

the Barnesville Area Education Foundation.

I designate that my gift be used as follows:

Trustees' Discretionary Fund (to be used only in connection with education)

(   )      Unresticted

(   )      Endowment

Operating Fund (to be used to meet operating expenses of the Foundation)

(   )      Unresticted

(   )      Endowment

Both principle and income in unrestricted accounts may be spent.  In endowment accounts only income may be spent.

Alumni Class of            (  )

Faculty or Staff             (  )

Friend                              (  )

Other                                (  )

Name                              ____________________________________________________

Address                         ____________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code   ____________________________________________________

Telephone                     ____________________________________________________

Signature                       ____________________________________________________